Let's Celebrate!

It has been a long wait for
Lisa and Adam, but today, finally, they brought their son, Jayden, home from the hospital. So many of us have been following their journey online, we thought it only fitting we throw a baby shower of sorts to welcome the new addition!

So, let's celebrate!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A symbol of hope

First and foremost, please forgive the delay in this post. This is LONG overdue!

As you know, I have been following your story (not to make you sound like a soap opera but that's the best way to put it) for awhile now. I've read about the disapointments, the moments of frustration, the sadness and the close calls. Throughout it all, the one thing you've always held on to, is hope. No matter what, no matter the wait, no matter how many times you were set back, you kept getting back in there and fighting the good fight. You updated your profile, you vented, you tweeted, you blogged and most importantly, you didn't lose faith that things would work out.

And work out they did.

Often in the game of trying to be a mother, feelings of jealousy can understandably arise. However, when I think of your journey, I don't feel resentment and envy, I feel inspired. Jayden's arrival and sharing your joy these last few weeks have offered such hope to those who continue to dream. Please know that we celebrate along with you and you will always be special in our hearts.

I wish you and your family nothing but the best. You are a thoughtful, kind and supportive person and I'm grateful to know that a special little boy has been assigned a special mom like you.

Monday, September 20, 2010


LISA!  Congratulations, mama! :)

I know I'm behind on posting to you, but better late than never I say!

I am so incredibly happy for you and your family.  My heart is bursting with love for you and your gorgeous baby boy, Jayden.

I decided to give you money to spend on whatever you'd like.
I look forward to all the blog and twitter posts to come! :)

Congrats again!  I'm so so happy for you.

Kaitlin @ Ah... My Married Life (@ahmymarriedlife)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Feedings!

Dearest Lisa,

My heart swells with so much emotion when I think about you and your husband and your new, wonderful, perfect son Jayden. I am so unbelievably happy for you, I don't even have words.

I remember it was just a few weeks ago you declared it the fall of hope and in that vain decided to finally set up a registry. I was so so thrilled because I could get on board the Fall of Hope train and get you a little something immediately (I really love to be the first to buy something off a registry). So I got these bottles, saying in the note that I bought them because I hoped the baby would arrive soon and you would be so busy you wouldn't have time to get bottles and it'd be nice to have these on hand.

And then BAM, you got Jayden! And in what I like to think of the universe's perfect timing, my delivery receipt said you got them the very afternoon you brought Jayden home.

I wish you snuggles and wonderful feedings. I wish you overwhelming, unending joy. I wish you the most wonderful mommyhood ever.

lots of love,

(@EsqWearsPrada, The Baby Race, Meet the Steffens)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shower Gifts!

Hi again Lisa!

Unfortunately I couldn't order off of your registry since I'm in Canada (Boo! But that's another story!) - but I did find these two things that are now on their way to you! I hope that Jayden enjoys them!

I thought that this bib was just too cute. I have a thing for bibs - love them!

Then there's this hooded towel for bath time:

I hope Jayden loves them! Best wishes to you, friend!

Heather (Fertility Chick)

More Happy Wishes!!

Lisa & Adam -

I am so happy that everything finally came together for you after so many trials and tribulations.

For your baby gift I have copied @IFoverachievers and donated to your adoption fund - it looks like most of your baby registry things have been obtained for you already :)

OK - it's certainly not this much, but you get the idea :)

Lots of luck and happiness and lots of sleep!!!

Looking forward to lots of updates on Twitter and blog.

Good Eggies

@goodeggies (Twitter)
http://www.goodeggies.com (Blog)
Lisa & Adam,

I am so so happy for you both. You have both shown an enormous amount of strength, patience and hope. I admire you both for that. Jayden is so incredibly lucky to have such awesome parents in the both of you. I truly am looking forward to watching him grow up!

This is the gift I am going to be sending.

I saw it and thought it was so cute. The three little stars on his ears will represent our boys and the star on his side will represent Jayden.

All my love,
Courtney (_courtn3y)

Over the moon for y'all!

Lisa, I am so happy for you, Adam and Jayden <3 I'm sending you love and a few things from your registry. You and Adam are such wonderful people and you will be AWESOME parents. I cannot wait to see all the posts about Jayden and how he's growing :)


Hello Baby Jayden!

Dear Lisa and Adam,

Both Irish Boy and I are so thrilled for you both! Jayden is the luckiest little guy on the planet!

We will be sending something to you in the coming days to celebrate Jayden's arrival. (Pictures to come!)

Love to you all!
Heather (Fertility Chick)

Welcome Baby Jayden!

Lisa, many congrats on your new baby boy- Jayden. He is absolutely beautiful and perfect in everyway. I have met several amazing woman since I joined Twitter and you are one of them. I have no doubt that you are going to make an amazing mother. Jayden is one lucky little man to have your for a Mom.

For your Baby Shower Gift I decided to get you a little of this...

I added a little bit of money to your adoption fund. I hope you put it to good use and shower that little man will all of the nice things that he deserves. However, I don't mind if you use it on yourself either. Your a new mom, you're going to need a little pampering too :)

Congratulations to you and your DH. Your life has forever been changed for the better and so has Baby Jayden's. Enjoy your new FAMILY!!

~Aly (@IFoverachievers)


Lisa and Adam,

I'm so happy for you both. You've waited a long time, hoping for this day, and now Jayden is here.

You are going to be great parents, and Jayden is going to know he's well loved.

I've sent you a couple of items from your registry, with love and good wishes.


-Brave IVF Girl


Lisa and Adam,

Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy Jayden.

I had a smile from ear to ear on my face yesterday as your dream came true.

There are not enough words to describe how happy I am for you. Happy doesn't' quite cover it.

Your battle with infertility and cancer is truly inspiring. What strength you have. It is admirable.

I've never thought much about adoption but I have to say that your journey has made me realize that whatever happens in my journey, adoption is certainly an option that I can explore.

I've dropped a little something in the mail for you :)

Andrea (@Candidly_Andrea)

there are no words...

Lisa -

there are no words for the joy and elation I'm feeling for you right now. The fact that you are now parents brings tears to my eyes...YOU are my inspiration for hope. YOU are a wonderful friend and will be an even more incredible mother. I can't wait to get to know Jayden through your blog...

For my gift, you will be getting a care package in the mail...I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be shopping for baby clothes for you! For baby items FOR YOU!!! Lisa it warms my heart and makes me beyond giddy to see you be a MOM!

Can't wait for you to share this amazing journey with us!

Tillie {or Aunt Tillie to Jayden lol}

Work? Smerk!

Was my motto yesterday after I caught up on your blog posts from the weekend.  I literally sat in my cubicle yesterday frantically hitting the update button on my iPhone so twitter could reload with new tweets, and then I sat there bawling once you posted that you guys had Jayden, and was going home. And was in completely in love.

Lisa and Adam, I am so happy for you, words cannot describe. Which is why this post is going to be short :)

As your gift, I got the BumGenius 4.0 AIO in Twilight with the snaps (trust me, after a few washes the velcro kinda gets annoying, even if you tuck the tabs) and a medium wet bag to put those dirty cloth diapers in by Planet Wise (the Outer Space), from my favorite cloth diaper website.

Unfortunately, my computer wont load up the pictures, but you can find them at Kelly's Closet.  Hope you guys and Jayden like them!


Jin (@TruthOutThereIF & The Truth Is Out There)


Lisa and Adam,

First off let me say a huge CONGRATS!  My heart is so full for you and the incredible journey that brought Jayden to you.  You have had a very hard road to get you here, but you perservered and have won the prize!  Instead of sending something off of your registry, my husband and I contributed to your adoption fund through your website.  It isn't much, but I know every little bit helps.  You are such an amazing person and have been a constant source of support for so many people around you and now it is our turn to support and celebrate with you!
Enjoy every moment and absorb every second - Jayden is a very lucky little boy to have parents as special as you guys! 

Much love and hugs - Carrie (Caretta74)

no more waiting, lisa

Lisa and Adam,

Congratulations on your new addition. I can't tell you how absolutely thrilled I am for both of you. You have both waited so long for this special day, and I can't think of two people who are more deserving of parenthood. Lisa, I am incredibly blessed to call you my friend. You are an inspiration to everyone in the ALI community. 

I know it's not a glamorous gift, but my husband and I have contributed money to your adoption fund. I hope it will help with some of the expenses for Jayden in the coming days. And by expenses, I mean that you should shower that adorable little boy with many, many gifts. :)

Love you, and I wish you both nothing but the best.

Katie (@fromiftowhen)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Tears

I couldn't be more thrilled for anyone than I am for you and Adam right now. I have been shedding tears of joy for you since I heard the news and will probably continue to do so with each heart-swelling update. You are one of the sweetest, most genuine and wonderful people I have ever met. I am so incredibly lucky to call you "friend" and Jayden is even luckier to call you "M

I wanted to get you something useful and heartfelt. The "mushy gift" is still a work in progress, so for now I contributed money to your adoption fund. Maybe you can use toward all the zoo trips you will be taking with your sweet baby boy. I know of a great zoo near by I am sure he would love to visit! ;)

In all seriousness, you have been such an inspiration to me and so many others. Your ability to support and love those around you with true compassion and selflessness, even when struggling with your own difficulties, is just one of the many things that make you an incredible mother. Because that's what you are now, a mother, and a wonderful one at that!

All My Love,

Essentials from the heart and home

Lisa... I'm not sure where to start and what words to use to describe how incredibly excited I am for you and Adam. There are not two more deserving people on this earth, baby Jayden is one lucky little boy!
I took a bit of a leap here and I made a gift for you. I made these when my daughter was born, and everyone loved them so much that I've made them for all of my friends and family. They are super soft, absorbant, and fold up nice and small in the diaper bag. After Jayden gets over the spit up stage, they still work great for those sensitive runny noses that kids always seem to get.
Congratulations on your incredibly beautiful family!
Lindsey (@scatteredmama)

Bundle of Joy

OMG, Lisa, I can't believe it! Your bundle of joy is finally here! I hope you'll share more pics and some trials and joys of new motherhood with us.

Throughout this journey, I have seen the strength and love in you, and I know you're going to be the best mom Jayden could have asked for. I cried tears of joy for you today as you tweeted about bringing him home.

To help you out, I ordered the receiving blankets from your registry. Those things seem so useful and versatile! Unfortunately, there wasn't a pic for me to post, but you'll get to see them when they show up. =)

Lots of love to you and your little family!
~Jamie, The Womb Warrior

Oh Baby!

There is so much love in my heart right now for you, Adam and Jayden. I feel so privileged being a part of Jayden's journey into all of our lives. He is incredibly lucky to have you two as parents! I can't imagine anyone loving this little boy more! You guys deserve every bit of happiness that these past few days have brought. Congratulations!  

I got some things for your little stinker ;)

Sending out all my love,

Dreams DO come true!

I haven't been following long but I have read up on your journey... it's been a long road for you and Adam! I'm so excited that you finally got your miracle! I smile inside and out for you and your family...and even tear up thinking about your joy!
<3 Belinda aka LovinMaSoldier <3

My heart is so happy...

...for you, Lisa! I do not think that it would be possible for a child to be loved more than little Jayden will be. I know everyone says it, but it is true, it goes so fast - savor every second. Hold them in your heart for when he is two you will have to have some good memories of him to cling to! ;)

God bless your new family!

This was my favorite stuff when KJ was a newborn. If Jayden is anything like him he'll start to get ashy really soon! The smell is awesome. I still think of those precious first moments when I smell it...

Much love,
Andi (@andisnyder)

A Life Time of Joy!

Lisa! It's crazy-wonderful to me that I've never met you IRL, and yet spent the past 48 hours reveling in your joy. You are such an inspiration to me, and I feel so luck to know you. I'm beyond thrilled that your wait is over, and you have your boy at home with you. I can't wait for our kiddos to meet some day (fingers crossed).

You have been through so much... Adam, too! (Don't forget the Dad!) You two deserve all the happiness your son will bring you. And you've earned it with all your hard work, tears, hopes, stored-up love, and patience. Now, you're a family.

Jayden, welcome to the world! Welcome to your home! Welcome to Rochester! In about 10 months, I'll take you to Abbott's, and we'll have a custard. That's about when your parents will be super glad they've got these gates! (No hard feelings if you exchange it for something else.)

Best of luck,
Jen (thisispersonal) + DH

There will be pee. Oh yes. There will be pee.

Dear Lisa and Adam,

I have had a smile on my face all day thinking about you guys. I am so happy for you and little Jayden. What a joyous journey you are on. Congratulations!

A changing pad is on its way to you from me and Geoff. FYI, you'll need and want more than one. At least two, optimally three. ;-) Oh, I can't wait to see all the "He peed on me!" tweets.

Much love to your family.

Carlea (@carleab)

The Wait is Over!


I am so happy for this miracle that you have received today! This precious boy you've named Jayden. You are so deserving and I know this little boy will be loved by you and Adam! I hope that you guys have an amazing life together and cannot wait to see pictures!


Lori Ivey (@IVFQueen)

Good things come to those who wait!

Dear Lisa,

Your patience and perseverance during your wait has been an inspiration to me.

It just proves that good things do come for those who wait.


Meredith...aka @oldeggs

Good Bye, Elephant!

Welcome Jayden!

Oh, Lisa, I cannot tell you how happy I am that you can now replace the elephant adoption countdown clock on your blog with pictures of your beautiful boy! I know this has been a long, and difficult journey, and I am so glad you and Adam are finally parents. I bet just looking at that little face makes all the time you spent waiting, and hoping wash away. I know it did for me.

Now, since this is a baby shower (albeit a virtual one), we must be giving you presents...

Working with kids you already know the messes they can make, so you will be needing lots of bibs and cloths like this one. Now, you only registered for two, and you will likely nee more like two thousand, but I figure it will help. Oh, and even when you do get a full arsenal of towels, diapers, washcloths, sleeps, and swaddling blankets, Jayden will still spit up on your shoulder. Or your chest. Or down your back. Or pretty much anywhere he feels like it. Take it from a woman who used to have a non-stained wardrobe, it will happen.

Best of luck! And best wishes!

Now, if you could only find a virtual way to make you wear baby gift wrap on your head!