Let's Celebrate!

It has been a long wait for
Lisa and Adam, but today, finally, they brought their son, Jayden, home from the hospital. So many of us have been following their journey online, we thought it only fitting we throw a baby shower of sorts to welcome the new addition!

So, let's celebrate!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bundle of Joy

OMG, Lisa, I can't believe it! Your bundle of joy is finally here! I hope you'll share more pics and some trials and joys of new motherhood with us.

Throughout this journey, I have seen the strength and love in you, and I know you're going to be the best mom Jayden could have asked for. I cried tears of joy for you today as you tweeted about bringing him home.

To help you out, I ordered the receiving blankets from your registry. Those things seem so useful and versatile! Unfortunately, there wasn't a pic for me to post, but you'll get to see them when they show up. =)

Lots of love to you and your little family!
~Jamie, The Womb Warrior

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  1. Thank you so much, Jamie! You are so sweet. Thank you for always being such a big source of support for me during the wait!

    You may not have been able to find a picture for this post, but there is a picture of him using one of your receiving blankets in my current blog post titled "One Month." Thank you so much! As you can see, he loves them! They definitely come in handy and we use them all the time.

    Thank you!!