Let's Celebrate!

It has been a long wait for
Lisa and Adam, but today, finally, they brought their son, Jayden, home from the hospital. So many of us have been following their journey online, we thought it only fitting we throw a baby shower of sorts to welcome the new addition!

So, let's celebrate!

Monday, September 13, 2010

My heart is so happy...

...for you, Lisa! I do not think that it would be possible for a child to be loved more than little Jayden will be. I know everyone says it, but it is true, it goes so fast - savor every second. Hold them in your heart for when he is two you will have to have some good memories of him to cling to! ;)

God bless your new family!

This was my favorite stuff when KJ was a newborn. If Jayden is anything like him he'll start to get ashy really soon! The smell is awesome. I still think of those precious first moments when I smell it...

Much love,
Andi (@andisnyder)

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  1. Thank you so much! For both the presents and all the support during our long wait!!

    We now have the whole line of Burt's Bees products! The body wash/shampoo doesn't dry out his skin during baths like the Johnson&Johnson stuff does. We use the cream on his forehead where it seems to always be dry, and we use the lotion on the rest of him. We love it and the dr said it's great for him.

    I am so glad you sent it right away so we didn't have to keep buying different things and trying to figure out how to help his dry skin.

    Thank you!!!